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10 Awesome Daily Quotes for January

January 7, 2017

If you have a internet connection I can guarantee that you have heard about positive daily quotes… and I have to admit that the thought of using them seem kinda… strange. I guess anything that’s new and different can feel like that.  I’m someone who can get caught up in thinking about things a certain way, or stressing hard, and I try to use awesome daily quotes to help get me out of that funk.

I use them when I’m getting minor anxiety and feel the need to talk myself out of it. I use them on days, when I want to set myself up for a good day.  ‘What you think is what you create’, a lot is out of my control but the mind can so powerful things.

A simple one to start with is “today is a great day”. You just say it to yourself as you go about your day. Or you might even like to state it out loud while looking in the mirror at the start of the day {there’s something about saying it out loud that really makes it so}.

I hope you find one of many in this gallery above to use in your own life. Feel free to print them out, recreate them or stick them up around your home.

Comment below if you have a favorite positive quote that you like use.




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