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17 May Favorites & Staying Focused

May 19, 2017


I’ve been super overwhelmed lately so I am not really able to share any favs cos frankly life has been tough.  What I do want to share an exercise I do to feel more focused and on top of things  in the hopes it may be of some help for whenever you’re feeling a little overwhelmed along the way.

First, write down all of the tasks that are on your to-do list right now so you can see in front of you everything that’s adding to your overwhelm and what actually needs to get done too.

Then, write out your main priorities, goals and intentions in your creative work and life right now. So if you could only focus on 2-3 things, what would they be? And these aren’t the specific to-do’s and tasks, but the overarching results you want to achieve from your actions right now.

Then, looking back over your list of to-do’s and tasks, take three highlighters and break down your list into three coloured sections:

  • High priority (these are the essential tasks that either have to be done because you’ve made a previous commitment or because they are essential for your main priorities, goals, and intentions in this season of your work and life)
  • Medium priority (these are non-essential tasks but will still be valuable to tackle once you have the time and energy available to do so)
  • Low priority (these are the tasks you can let go for now as they don’t truly serve your current goals or objectives)
Hopefully what you’ll then have in front of you is a more focused and intentional version of your to-do list, and one that you can break down into bite-sized chunks that you can start to tackle each workday as you go.


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