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6 Things I want my Son to know as he turns 12.

July 25, 2017

He stands tall now, he is becoming his own person.  Today my Eldest son turned 12 and their is 6 things I want him to know.

Be Funny don’t be mean.
It is a lot of fun cracking jokes and being witty with your friends and family, but try to think before you make a joke. Will it offend, embarrass or upset someone? If it does, it isn’t a joke – and you could lose a friend. Would it be worth it?

Express your feelings.
Use your words. Don’t bottle it up. Don’t push it down. Our feelings are what make us fully-evolved humans. Don’t be a caveman.

Don’t be afraid, you can be honest with me.
Even the best humans make mistakes. We all do, and if you ever make a bad mistake, know you can always tell me. Even if it seems like the worst thing in the world, I promise to try and help you.
And if you really can’t tell me, tell someone else who you trust.

Feelings are not permanent.
No matter how happy you are, you will be sad again. Remember this and try to throw yourself into every great moment.
No matter how sad you are, you will be happy again. No feelings are permanent, but if you are going through a very hard time, get help.

Say “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me” every day.
Manners are important. Manners, though underutilized in this modern world, will set you apart. In school. In your career. In your future relationships. Manners will get you far in life.

Be loyal.
Know who your people are. Treasure, honor, and respect them the way that they respect you. Work hard at learning how to be a good brother, son, friend, and partner in life. Have compassion for those who are less fortunate than you. Chase happiness and seek a humble life, helping out others when you can, everything else will fall into place.

Happy birthday, son.



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