6 tips for disciplining a toddler that might help you.

July 12, 2017

I have 3 kids, the youngest is almost 5 so I have survived Toddlership 3 times.

You might not want to believe this but I’m not a perfect parent 😛  however I have a strategy or  6 that I used to try to defuse the diabolical master mind of a toddler.

By discipline, I don’t mean being smacked over a parent’s knee or making the kid stand in the corner.

1. Be positive
No parent wants to be saying no, no, no all the time. They will just shut it out anyway. It’s always more helpful to say, ‘This is where you can jump’ or ‘You need to eat in the kitchen,’” tell them what they are permitted to do.

2. Lead by example
After dinner one day, I said to Jacob, ‘See how William is taking his dishes to the sink? I want you to take your dishes to the sink, too.’ He watched how his brother did it, and looked quite pleased with himself to be able to do the same thing.”
Even if your child has no older siblings to demonstrate, parents are teaching by example all the time.

3. Be hands-on
“Direct guidance” is useful with toddlers. It’s no good to stand in the doorway and yell, ‘Stop that!’ or ‘Come here!’ You have to actually guide them.  For me that could mean going up to the child, putting your hands on his shoulders, and propelling him (gently) in the direction you want him to go.

4. Encourage corrections
Let them fix their mistakes. If Jake runs through the kitchen and knocks over the cat food dish, scattering little morsels everywhere, I ask him to get the broom and help sweep the food up.

5. Fewer “rules” but they are not optional
Be clear about them. Car seats, for example. At Jacobs’s age, he’d like to be out of his seat — but I make sure he’s buckled in every single time. I will not punish him or even yell at him about it; I just help him into the seat and do up the harness. If he squirms or complains. If he manages to make it impossible, I just wait.  We aren’t going anywhere until the seat-belt is on.

6. Give a little
Many toddler behaviour issues will be outgrown as the child matures. Finding the right balance for your family — and for each individual child — will help you begin the teaching process that is discipline in a positive way.



So that’s my tips let me know any of your tips in the comments x



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