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A Halloween Party

October 23, 2017

Jakeys birthday is near Halloween.  I am in luck because throwing the best ever Halloween themed birthday party is  really fun.  Halloween easily adapts to make a very memorable birthday party. Here are some of my favorite ideas for making your kid’s spooky celebration the BEST ever.

Costumes for everyone..

To give your birthday party the full Halloween treatment, it starts with the costumes. One of the things that makes Halloween so much fun is that you can be anything you want to be. If you are not sure if your crowd is feeling the costume theme, you can turn your favors into costumes that you give out as guests arrive. Cat ears, pumpkin headbands or witches hats instantly give your party a Halloween feel.
Not gonna lie though, all the kids attending Jacobs party except for one (hey Leo..)  refused to wear costumes.  But I wasn’t gonna let it dampen his day.
*Costumes from The Warehouse (link)


Decoration fun…
If your location is not already decked out with Halloween fun this is one place you can go a bit wild. Raid the local store and pick up some of the amazing Halloween decorations to give you party a spooky feel. Pumpkins both carved or uncarved also give your party a fall feel. Fake spider webs are one of my favorite decorations to add as it looks creepy and is inexpensive. Don’t forget a few bigger spooky decorations to add to the fun.
(All decorations also from The Warehouse link )

My Top 2  Favorites were
The LED Lantern Lights rrp $4 buy here –
The Spider webs, except I kept freaking out about the spiders rrp $1 -buy here-


Jacobs Grandparents got him a remote control spider as a birthday gift!

A perfect gift for the birthday boy.

(You can check out how I made his Cake topper here)

We do not go all out for every birthday but this was a milestone and Jacob had a blast.   It was worth the effort.

How do you celebrate birthdays?