About Me

about me lisa saurus



Hello! I’m Lisa and this is my small corner of the internet.

I’m so glad to see you here. Let me tell you a little about myself and this here blog.

Back in the olden days {July 2009 to be exact} I had a 6 months old baby and a 4year old on my hands, I’d given up  work in a call centre {to be a fulltime sahm} and I was getting about 2.3 hours sleep a night. For some crazy reason, I decided I needed a blog. A space to empty my inner most thoughts. So my blog was born.

Originally it was a private memory blog, but over time it became so much more.

Nofiltermum is a space where I share my inspired life and everything that entails.


I’m Lisa, the blogger behind Nofiltermum. I’m a New Zealander, living in Auckland}. I have 2 cats that like to eat anything and everything, children that hate to sleep, and a husband who is an avid collector of stuff.

To be completely honest, owning a personal blog isn’t a natural thing for me. I’m the girl that didn’t want to walk down the aisle at her wedding because it was just too much attention. But for some reason I love it, and it’s become a bit of a passion of mine.


A few years ago, I took a giant leap of faith and started blogging and freelancing full-time, which has allowed me to juggle {oh yes, it’s a juggle} life as a mum and working online.

I love dreaming up big ideas, creating and nurturing online communities and sharing stories that people all over the world can connect with. The internet is an amazing thing when you really think about it.

I am a lover of photography, and snap chat every single day {without fail}.

Enough about me though, what about you? Feel free to Email me and say hi.