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Baby Jake is Two!

October 16, 2014

I feel another change in the air, the last few weeks with not so Baby Jake have been significantly easier, less tantrums. Instead of slamming his head into the floor he puts a pillow on the floor then proceeds to heat butt the pillow.
They call it terrible twos for a reason people. (but it starts at 18months if you are Jake)  If you scoff at my head banging baby I can almost guarantee your beautiful baby will probably morph into  your own head banging child before long. (It’s karma bitches) I sat that with love because it happened to me, the eldest two were not head bangers..

We had a pretty sweet day, muffin break with school mums I had never met before and famous property stylists. (winks)

 A helicopter ride and a free balloon from Charlie and Me. 
A trip to Bunnings Warehouse,  than a nap, school pickups and cupcakes,  Playground action and bed..


Its the life of a 2 year old Babe and hes living it to the fullest.

I could have written a 500 word post about how much I love this cheeky little boy but really, just look on my instagram, I am a self confessed spamaholic of images – totally devoted to this grubby little fella.

Happy Birthday Jakey, Mama loves you x xx






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