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Back to School Prep (and Giveaway)

January 28, 2018

The countdown to back to school is on.

I still remember the back to school days during my school time, the best part of the new school term is that we get new shoes, new bags and books if needed.   Considering how fast all my children keep growing,  it is time to buy new items for the kid and the dreaded school stationery.

Luckily for me stationery buying is now so much more easy and convenient.
Having various kids of different ages means that they are currently all at different schools, which means that we are required to purchase stationery to the schools preference.
For Emily’s school I just dropped her list into the local Warehouse Stationery, went to do the groceries and picked it up on the way home..
Official info here
“At Warehouse Stationery, you can drop off your school list to your local store or submit it via email and they’ll pack it for you. If you drop off by 3pm it will be ready to go the following day.
Warehouse Stationery also offers a ‘Parents Price Promise’  – meaning if you find an identical stocked item on a quoted stationery list before 11th February 2018, they’ll beat it by 20%.
Spread the cost –  Warehouse Stationery also offers Part Pay via its online store – allowing customers to spread the cost over smaller, more manageable payment installments with no transaction fees.”


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School Shoes
My middle child Emily can still fit her school sandals (we purchased from Athletes Foot last year).
Jacob and William however needed new sandals.  I think Williams at such an awkward age to buy for, hes not a boy not yet a man (there’s probable some lyrics to a emo song I could insert here but I will spare you)
BACK TO THE SHOES I managed to get him a lovely pair of sandals from The Warehouse ($15).
Jacobs were also from The Warehouse and cost $19 – he is going to be TALLL  he is wearing a size 1 already.

Jacobs sandals
WIlliams sandals

School Bags
Williams bag is still in really good shape, we got it for him at The Warehouse last year as part of his birthday present – that boy really loves camo.
Emily was purchased from Smiggle for her birthday in December – Gotta make a statement!
Jacob choose his last week from Warehouse Stationery, he is Batman strong – this is his first official school bag. SO CUTE.

The Batman bag was rrp $24.95 (link)


William has his own chrome book from Warehouse Stationery.  He uses it everyday at school and having his own device really aides in his education and means it is always available to him and he doesn’t need to share the chrome books at school.  I purchased him a wireless mouse as well.
Do your kids take their own devices to school?

Link to Williams Chrome Book here.




I thought I would end this post by sharing a few things that I have learned these holidays…

  • School teachers are grossly underpaid.
  • The moment of silence between shutting the back door of the car and opening the front door is a vortex of serenity where dreams really are a wish your heart makes.
  • There is no such thing as a stupid question, except “can you guys please put on your shoes”. No. The answer is no. They can not.
  • Whatever I say, the answer will always be “why”.
  • Dare to dream. One day each child will want the exact same thing for lunch. It will probably be something I don’t have. Or chips.
  • Children are statistically 2.6 decibels louder in the car than in any other confined space.
  • One can go quite a few days not having showered without ones husband noticing.
  • The lower your standards for domestic cleanliness, the better.
  • For a small human who struggles to wipe their own ass, a five year olds ability to execute legally binding contractual agreements in regards to screen time is somewhat startling.
  • Despite how bad at math I am, I am able to mentally calculate, to the minute, how long it is until my children’s bedtime at any given moment throughout the day. Bedtime = how long my kids have been fighting divided by the amount of patience I have left minus how many near breakdowns I’ve had + wine squared. Yeeeeep. It’s time to take off my algebra.
  • There are three levels of pain. Pain,  excruciating pain and stepping on a Lego.
  • Taylor Swift has written albums less pissed off and emotionally spent than I am likely to be by 11:15am every day.


I have 1 $50 Warehouse Stationery Voucher for 1 person to win.

To enter comment below telling me what you would use it for…
See my Facebook Post for more ways of entering. (Click here)




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