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Blogging and Free Stuff – What I think…

June 25, 2017

I have noticed a lot of conversation from bloggers and people who read blog surrounding free stuff.

I have been blogging for 8years, first anonymously, then at the and now at my new url
When I began blogging free stuff wasn’t a thing now I see people starting blogs purely to get the free things.

That’s not what I am about, I am about community – occasionally brands want access to my community so they send me free things to share and try which is fun but..

I’ll tell you a secret: it isn’t free.


It may seem like we get free stuff  since we don’t use money from our bank accounts to buy these products, but nothing we receive is free.

Let me break it down the process for you:

  • A company approaches me with a product. There is emailing or networking involved, which, if you’re talking about multiple companies, can be a few hours a day.
  • Once I receive a product, I need to use it in my everyday life. As I’m using it, I document what I think and how it works or doesn’t work. I take photos, and, if warranted, I take a video.
  • After using the product for however long, I sometimes like to write a review on the blog, including information about the company and my own honest opinion. That can take anywhere from 1-2 hours.
  • I add media to the blog, including photos and video. Before they are added, I need to edit them, adding text and cropping them to fit. That can take up to an hour.
  • Once the blog post is finished, it’s thoroughly edited. If I am happy with it, I publish it.
  • The published post is sent to the brand via email.
  • The post is then shared via social media.

This process doesn’t take into account any giveaways for products, which can add another hour (at least) or so to the whole process.  I love giveaways though because it lets my community get in on the action.


I also get sent random stuff with the expectation that i will share it, I much prefer being approached about the product first and be given a chance to say no thank-you.    This goes for charity’s too – I love supporting charity’s but assuming I will share is pressure.

I will never tell my audience how to spend money, I just want to show you what I think and if you like it sweet as – if not then that’s fine too.
I don’t want all the things, I don’t want to be on every list – I am grateful for all the little things, keep bloggers humble and accountable.  Without readers we are nothing.
I respect the audience I havebecause without them/you my life would be very different, you all add to my life in many different ways and I’m not talking about free stuff x x


What do you think about bloggers and free stuff?  Let me know in the comments.



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