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Chicken Pox

July 23, 2014

The chicken pox saga

It all started with a notice from Williams teacher, it said that there had been an outbreak of Children in the class with Chicken Pox, so could we be on he look out. A few days later he was having the initial symptoms headaches and a sore throat, being the eldest at 9 I thought he would have it the worse, but he got a few big spots and was hardly uncomfortable quite the contrary – he was ecstatic to have a week off school 2 weeks before school holidays.  Me, I was not excited (dur).
His main course of treatment was Calamine Lotion and lots of screen time (rolls eyes)

Then William had just gone back to school Baby Jake was being more emotional then normal… like heartbreak emotional.

He also had a temperature and a runny nose.. and then the spots arrived, Jacob had less spots but the were huge and swollen, in hindsight we got off pretty lightly with a 2 disrupted nights of extra cuddles – nothing I couldn’t handle..
His course of treatment was regular Pamol, extra cuddles and Calamine Lotion – he refused to get in a bath with Pinetarsol in it, I think the color of the water scared him.

Then Emily erupted with a rash on her back that was gone in a few days.. woo we thought dodged a bullet there.
9Days Later and the first day back at school.

She by far had it the worst, really high temps, lethargy and smaller spots then the boys had and a huge number of them.  I ended up taking her to the GP who prescribed Lorapead to help with the itching, then it was constant baths with Pinetarsol, and regular doses of Pamol – she also lost her appetite and refused to eat so i enticed her with a Tank Spirulina Smoothie, shes much better but still not well enough for school.

Their is a vaccine for Chicken Pox but it is not part of the NZ Schedule, you can request it from your GP, I think the cost is around $70.  I believe in Australia it is given free as part of the Vaccination Schedule.

Do you think it should be added to the NZ schedule? on one hand it is a normal childhood illness but on the other it can be serious or even fatal.

Have you and your kids had Chicken Pox?



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