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Dementia is more then memory loss – what have I learned?

May 7, 2017

Dementia involves a lot more than memory loss, I’m experiencing it first hand, being by my Dads side as he journeys through this awful illness. (Read my other posts here)
I don’t know why people don’t speak about this part of it more, I think on one hand it’s incredibly isolating to be going through something so traumatic with a loved one but nobody else can really understand the core of it, people are scared of what they don’t understand.
Yes people who have Dementia can be weird, do and say odd things and make you feel creeped out.
Don’t be scared of people who have Dementia, be compassionate.  Once upon a time these people were curtain makers, foster parents, builders, truck drivers and just like you and me.

Things I didn’t know before that I know now.

They can hallucinate. You think is scary for you? Imagine how they must be feeling. I often wonder if it is like a lucid dream – like for example in a lucid dream you know you are dreaming but you can’t wake yourself up – I wonder if when they are hallucinating a part of them knows and they cannot help it.
It can cause trances and depression. 
Mood swings are common.
Even dressing themselves is a challenge.
Whats the time?
Words don’t make sense anymore – The words might make sense inside his head but they don’t make sense when they come out. The words come out and he often says ‘that’s not what I wanted to say’.
So I don’t really wanna talk to you on the phone.  The thought of being put in the position of having to answer unexpected questions scares him.
He hears everything – his hearing has been heightened, almost painfully. He can be out having a meal and the noise gets louder – it’s just like a crescendo, it’s terrible. he can’t stand it and he just wants to finish the meal and get away.  Even more likely of recent is he will only eat alone.


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(I don’t bitch about it all the time just when things are happening, I have so much more going on in my life this is just part of it).



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