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Do I think the Chateau Tongariro it’s haunted? (review incl)

August 26, 2017


After seeing only trees and fields for a quite some time, the chateau suddenly came into sight in almost a surreal way.  Almost like a scene out of Stephen Kings The Shining.

The hotel has long history, and the interior is kept that way. A glamorous sitting area with lavishly decorated interior, though dated, still retains it charm.
The room we were in was 302 in the old wing, could do with some updating,  but to be honest it didn’t bother us – the atmosphere was unique, as if taking you back in time.

When we arrived the Reception was busy but they processed new arrivals promptly – the same can be said of our checkout – very professional team at Chateau Tongariro.

Do I think The Chateau Tongariro is haunted?
I think so.. watch the video below.




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