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Don’t make it weird.

November 2, 2017

Growing up I was never popular, I was definitely mostly on the outer and I was cool with that, I feel like that experience helped mold me into the person I am today.

I choose to share my life with people on the internet and when I meet these people in person, I am often surprised at how much they know about me – and the majority of these interactions are positive and most of these women I would be real life friends with.

What makes me uncomfortable is when people say or do things that make it weird.

Here’s some examples.

My Dad has Dementia, its heart breaking and devastating and it still shakes me to my core, it will never feel ‘normal’ to me and part of the way I get through it is by talking about it on the internet.   Recently it was my Dad’s birthday – a birthday I wasn’t sure he would get to see – so I snapped a short video of him with his birthday cake.  Shortly there after I was messaged by several (more than 3) people saying that they knew what care home he lived at.
I never replied, cos it is no ones business and I’m not going to lie it make me feel weird – that is my Dad and I am intensely protective of him, it upset me.

People can know things that I don’t know they know, they don’t need to tell me they know – I am so open but there is a definite line.

I called my brother a dead beat dad – and someone recorded me saying it onto another device and sent it to my brother – my brother told the person to eff off – then a few weeks later showed me.   I found it disturbing and hilarious, my brother knows I call him that so it caused no grief for me.   But it did cause a lot of what the fucks from me.

I’ve always been quite open about my PCOS – I am fat and have irregular, awful periods.  I laugh at how overdue it is and several people asked me if I am going through menopause.  I am 30 – so I ignored them and again if I was experiencing early menopause it’s none of those people s bloody business. (And let’s be honest if that was the case I’d just talk about it openly).
Then this person messages my FRIEND saying they thought I was going through menopause.   WAY TO GET YOURSELF BLOCKED.  I have an amazing sense of humor, but this women made it weird AND It pissed me off.
My reproductive status is no ones business and that’s a line crossed.

People take photos and video of me in public then send them to me, like they don’t come and say hi they just straight up paparazzi me.

I am just a normal person, I am not special – do not put me on a pedestal, I feel like when people put a person  who is well-known on a pedestal it’s just a matter of time before that person will disappoint.
Don’t make it weird.

At the end of the day we are all human and we are all flawed and we are all equal.

DISCLAIMER _ I have had many lovely interactions with women who have introduced themselves in person, This is just a post to highlight just a few uncomfortable moments that I have had.