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First impressions..The Bachelor NZ S3. I can’t quit you.

March 19, 2017

The time is nigh, ladies hold on to your wines (ummm ok)  a new season of The Bachelor NZ is upon us.

I am so ready for this, after the shit show that was Jordan last year, he was not very likeable – I don’t even think  he really liked himself.

First of all I just want to rage at TV3 for a second.. it was a lame first episode you should have made it a double ep but you want to stretch it out and create buzz  – not okay guys.  AND I REALLY LIKE MIKE PURU.  Dom Bowden is so much overkill TV3, we have more hosts in NZ then him surely.


Welcome Zac, he’s quite a dish –  I approve of the objectification of his perfect body – that side profile is a work of art (not meaning to be punny – ART THE BACHELOR ART GEDDIT?).
He seems quite sweet and maybe a little shy, I hope the ladies are kind to him.

The emotional music has me rolling my eyes so hard I think they might pop out of my head…

My Pick.
Don’t judge me for calling it so early in the game but I have a nack for this reality TV bullshit, I knew Art would pick Matilda and I think Viarne will win it…
It was love at first sight as she started stripping down to her togs on camera and dove into the waters of Mount Maunganui…

who will win the bachlor nz

The funniest part for me.
Was when 25-year-old Bel from Christchurch said she loved to bake, for some reason I didn’t imagine her dressed to the nines making a cake, my mental picture was her sitting on the couch in her trackies smoking a bong?

I really am mental

A highlight
23-year-old Edge fan fave Jess. The English beauty carried up a small china cup of tea, “a little novelty” to help stand out from the crowd. Novelty, novel tea.  GEDDIT?    The Edge has an amazing record for setting people up so I do think she will be around for the long haul.

Oh Taylar
Taylar – she is both infuriating and amazing.  As those girls discussed the merits of interrupting I didn’t know whether to loathe her or I high-five her, I respect a girl who stands up for herself, but honey its a dating show, it’s a bit early to be acting needy and all scatty. Oh I need my time. Oh I am interrupting.
Love you gurl.

Stay tuned for more of my opinions on The Bachelor NZ.

Let me know what you thought of the first episode in the comments.

(Click this link to see what I thought of Episode one)










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