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Florence and The Machine – A Review

May 31, 2015

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Florence and The Machine have not made an album since 2011’s Ceremonials, some good news: the band just released its new album.   How Big How Blue How Beautiful.

Florence is a lyrical craftsman, the new album “How Big, How Blue, How beautiful” feels like a much more intimate account of the inner working of Florences machine.
Third Eye is the highlight for me (track no. 9)  – it’s kinda mo-townish.  Delilah is also pretty amazing.  Even when Florence holds back her voice sounds so big and spacious.

florence and the machine

She seems nice enough and makes interesting music. The music videos do put me off though  – the drama school stuff .  They are really running with a theme- the music clips are vague and feature lead singer Florence Welch prancing around with someone who appears to be her doppelgänger And boobs she shows her boobs – or alludes to her naked boobs.
I really enjoyed the album and I think it’s a good progression for Florence and the Machine.
It shows that they are definitely not drowning. There is ample evidence on this album that the songwriting is honed and sharp, with some dark surreal lyrical edges creeping in.

Could it be that the Machine part of the namesake is becoming just that – a slick machine? No matter, this album does not disappoint.
There is plenty of time for her to do her ‘quiet album’ or to go off into the realms of  electronica.

This album will be massive, because it deserves to be.



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  1. Lena | Lena Talks Beauty

    June 1, 2015 at 8:36 pm

    I’m listening to this right now – I really love it!

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