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My Food Bag – Is it worth the hype?

July 29, 2016

What is My Food Bag?
Subscription boxes are all the rage right now, and My Food Bag, to my memory was one of the first available in New Zealand.   In simple terms, it’s a meal service that delivers fresh and pre-measured ingredients with recipes which include step-by-step instructions.  I see all the many benefits to a service like this, both for people who want to learn how to cook and for those who enjoy cooking but don’t have the time or energy or whatever the excuse, to meal plan and shop for ingredients.  The packages arrive with everything you need to create the recipes from that week’s meal plan except for salt, pepper, and cooking oil.

How much is it, and is it more costly than just shopping for myself?
There are several plans available, you can see them here.  From now on I will be yabbering on specifically about the My Food Bag Classic which will feed 2 Adults and 2-3 kids.
Whether or not the price is “worth it” will depend on your own families shopping and eating habits.  If you are a family who eats out frequently and doesn’t make large grocery store trips each week, then My Food Bag may make financial sense for you.  If you are someone who cooks most of your meals at home then you will most likely pay a little more per meal using this service,
I found the convenience of not needing to meal plan or shop for ingredients worth the extra cost and it really inspired me and I actually really enjoyed cooking for a change.

We don’t eat out much and I shop the sales each week, so for us, My Food Bag does end up being more expensive per meal than if I were to do the everything myself.  However, because years of fussy children and a busy lifestyle has drained me of my desire to cook different types of meals (and eat… can’t forget the eating part), the idea of using a service like this to introduce us to new recipes or ingredients we may not have sought out for ourselves sounded like fun.

my food bag classic spagetti

Do I get to choose the meals?
Kind of.  When you sign up, you will choose which My Food Bag you want.  There is a clear point of difference between the different options.

We tried a 5-recipe box from the My Food Bag Classic plan last week, and here’s how it all went down:

I got the box inside, narrowly avoiding a tantrum from my toddler who got very upset with the fact that Mum went outside when it wasn’t time to go out and play I ripped open the box and on the top were the recipe cards for the meals, an info card about My Food Bag.

One box was lined with a thermal bag, and inside I found all of the ingredients for our meals, with each one clearly labeled. There was a brown paper bags for each recipe that contained the smaller items like pre-measured spice and sauce packets.
At the very bottom of the bag, between two frozen ice packs, were the chicken breasts and beef packages. I moved everything into the fridge and looked forward to cooking later that evening.
There was also 2 huge brown paper bags full of fresh vegetables.

I chose to prepare the Bacon and Egg Pie first, since it sounded lovely and easy for my kids to like,
classic my food bag bacon and egg pieOne aspect of My Food Bag that excited me is the chance to work with new ingredients. For this B&E Pie, that new ingredient was garlic – garlic in a bacon and egg pie?  MIND BLOWN
There were some simple preparation steps involved with this recipe such as chopping up the bacon, the fresh clove of garlic, chopping and slicing the onion and preparing the filo pastry.
There was a little more prep work involved with this meal, understandable since there was more ingredients then I am used to using involved.

It was delicious,


So, what did we think?
We had a super fun week of cooking our My Food Bag Classic meals, and we enjoyed all of them.  I don’t see us having a box delivered every single week, but we will certainly be using it on occasion when we want to try some new meals and want all of the work (except for the cooking part!) done for us.All of the ingredients were high quality and fresh.  The instructions were clear and easy to follow.  I love that the recipes arrive on full-size cards with step-by-step color photos so I can easily save my favorites in my recipe binder.  It’s also convenient that all of the recipes and instructions are available online if you prefer to load them up on your phone or tablet.

My Food Bag is an awesome service for people who may be apprehensive about being in the kitchen but want to learn more cooking techniques and be able to easily create delicious meals from scratch.  I can see it being a real confidence builder for aspiring home cooks.

my food bag lamb and rice
Things to keep in mind:

Though My Food Bag does save you from meal planning and grocery shopping, you still need to mark your calendar when you have a box on the way so you can be sure you use the ingredients while they are still fresh.  While many of the ingredients are non-perishable and the meats can easily be frozen, the fresh produce will obviously have a shorter ‘shelf life’.  So if you have a weekend full of dinner dates with your friends or if you’re headed away for a few days, you miiiight want to log in and pause your delivery for that week.

My Food Bag provided us with a complimentary My Food Bag Classic to give the service a try.  We do not accept compensation or free product in return for a fully positive review.  Take note of my  motto: if it sucks, I will tell ya, And/Or it won’t make it onto my blog.

Have you tried My Food Bag?  What did you think?  Let me know in the comments!







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