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A Intro – Food Phobias, Emily and Little Bites.

March 23, 2018

Q – Do you have a kid with food phobia and how do you cope? My daughter will not try new food. We promise her  presents, other things but it does not work. If we put it into her mouth she would scream and spit. I am so tired and I want her to eat what we eat; I want her to try new food to see how tasty it can be but she will not. Other people told me not to worry as she might grow out of it; as long as she eats whats he likes. She is so stubborn.

This is me, so fed up cooking special meals and catering to her restricted diet of ham and cheese – seemingly being held hostage by a 9year old.   I’d had enough and I was introduced to Rose Anne at Little Bites.

A bit about Rose Anne
Rose Anne has been working with children with various food aversions, special needs and severe anxiety around trying different food for several years now, both in the UK and New Zealand and she has two young children of her own. She has been working intensively with students with various food anxieties and selective eating issues in a special school for three years and is passionate about being able to help children overcome their fear of new foods, tastes, textures and colours bite by bite.

About Food Phobias
We all know about phobias. I have them to spiders, my hubby has them to talking about money and a friend of mine hates praying mantis’. Did you know that you can also have a food phobia and it is quite possible your child has it as well? A food phobia is when your child is scared to have new foods placed in front of them. It is when they react really badly to a carer coming towards them with a spoon of unfamiliar food.
A food phobia can be when a child even refuses to look at new foods.

How does a child get a food phobia?
It may be because the food didn’t taste nice, or you couldn’t chew it properly. Then  a well-meaning carer starts trying to force the food into your mouth or force you to “take a bite” of the food. This forcing turns into a daily battle of bribing, pushing, tears (mainly from the parent) and forcing of food. Over time, mealtimes turn into a battleground and your child starts to learn that mealtime is not a fun place to be, turning your child’s fussy behavior into a food or mealtime phobia.

Will they ever start trying new foods?
It is unlikely that a child will  grow out of their food phobia without a lot of help. I won’t grow out of my spider phobia without help (not that I am planning on getting help) and the same will be for your child. If the same mealtime battles continue it is then likely the phobia could get even worse.


That’s where Rose Anne came in, she set us a personalized programme to suit Emily’s needs, because what is right for my child may not be right for yours.

We had a very successful few days, Emily chose a carrot. I followed all of Rose Annes instructions and it really worked – although Emily really did prefer grated carrot to chopped carrot ITS A WIN.
We are currently working on Apples – slowly does it, we are staying calm and overcoming this phobia together.

I will be publishing more on our journey but until then you can

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