Friday Favorites

Friday Favs

January 20, 2017

Welcome to Friday Favs week two!  With such an action-packed week behind me, it has been a sigh of relief to take a minute to slow down and get inspired by some pretty things from across the web. Keep scrolling to see what favorites I filed away this week…

Wow I just love this look from a curious fancy… everything about it screams YESSSS.

I mean I know it’s not Christmas anymore but can we just appreciate the major talent that Rhi has!   (recipe here)

I found this gorg pineapple mani on Pinterest how cute!

Now lets get into it….

Welcome to Friday Favorites.
This is a linky collaboration which we have started in hope that it will help all of us “haven’t got time to read blogs any more” people to read a few more blogs – submit the best post of the week as chosen by the author.

friday favsSoooo… get your roller skates on and pop in on Friday evenings at 8pm to link up your BEST, VERY BEST, MOST AWESOMEST, MOST IMPORTANTEST, GOODEST POSSIBLE (or perhaps your only ha) post of the past week.
THANK YOU for joining us here for the Friday Favorites list.

Your hosts are  Lisasaurus and  Happy Mum Happy Child

To join in on this party simply link up your favorite post and visit a few other bloggers for a read and a chat. A link back here on your post is appreciated.

  1. Find a post you’ve loved this week OR WRITE A FRIDAY FAVS
  2. Copy the link, and then click on the ADD YOUR LINK button, which is below.
  3. Simply follow the instructions and post the link.  TOO EASY!

Any giveaways will be deleted :-) and the link must point to a blog post not just your blog

Submissions open 7am Friday!!







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  1. Clare

    January 20, 2017 at 10:38 am

    I LOVE making and eating icecream bombs for Christmas day dessert. Chocolate and rasberries are my favourite additions. That pineapple mani is super cute! wish I had the time and steady enough hand to do fun things like that. awesome.

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