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March 16, 2016

My Aunty is visiting from Christchurch so I have been showing her around.
I took her to where I grew up and showed her a few old haunts such as “The River Reserve” in Tuakau and Pukekohe hill in eh Pukekohe.  Lot of memories from my days there
The pain and privilege of growing up in a small town.

Here are some things I love about growing up in a small town.

  • The freedom. My parents didn’t necessarily trust me, or my friends, but they knew they could count on the other 400 people in town to tell them immediately if I did something stupid. And I mean immediately
  • Stars – Seeing all of the stars at night. Something I have always missed.
  • I  can drive on all terrain. After driving through barely there country roads, I can basically handle any conditions Mother Nature throws at me. Except parallel parking.
  • The only traffic jam my town ever experienced was during the annual Christmas parade.
  • When people ask you where you are from, you sort of mumble your tiny town’s name and then automatically tell them what larger town it is near.

Did you grow up in a small town?

gallinvanting around Auckland



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