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How to get your Man a FREE Vasectomy.

January 16, 2017

Hey everyone.

There is nothing more scary in the world then an unplanned pregnancy, I should know – I’ve had 2 and I absolutely adore the children that they have become.   I knew we were at out maximum children capacity at 3 kids.
I also believe in being responsible for your body and taking steps to prevent having too many kids, the toll it can take on your body, your mental health and all aspects of your life is uh life changing.

I am not here to tell anyone what to do, I just want to share my opinion and give you the information that may allow you to point your husband or significant other in the direction of a FREE Vasectomy.

If you have just had a baby your midwife can refer you and your husband to your local clinic for FREE.
If not
Your GP can refer your husband to a local clinic and they will be able to take you through the requirements of having his very own cost FREE Vasectomy

Its scary but it ain’t that bad, just remind him of the pain of childbirth and it will make it seem like a walk in the park….the drugs they are given are pretty amazing too, my husband was slightly high on pain killers for 12 hours afterwards!

If you want to pay you can head here and pay $425   – I won’t lie though for our family the free aspect of it made it so much more enticing, although we would have had it done anyway.

Here is a more emo account of my decision to stop at 3 kids…



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