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February 11, 2015

Its been weird but easy to have a break away from this blog.  I am glad to be back in it, sharing stuff.   I am feeling super inspired and have a few ideas up my sleeve.

So where have I been?  around – flew down to Wellington with my hubby for a #teammushwedding.

We left home at 4.45am for a 6am flight (madness) but we got to see the sunrise from above the clouds, it was not ugly.   We flew Jetstar (low low fares) and were not disappointed although there was a 20 minute delay leaving Auckland on account of youngsters printing out other people boarding passes at the self check in kiosks (wanting a free ride to the Nines).   Regardless I don’t fault the airline.


Landed and everything was closed so we drove our hire car straight to Masterton spent 2 nights with my crazy amazing soul sistas, who started off as internet friends – now friends for life.

The wedding was flawless, we were lucky enough to have a sneak peek they day before.
Left – where the ceremony was Right – The amazing reception area.
I wish I had actually used my camera, but of course I left it at the Hotel, so had to utilize my phone camera.
We spent Sunday night in Wellington, but were too tired to so much looking around.  I really need to take the whole family down for a week and spend time getting to know this beautiful city.

Then we landed and went to see my Dad, more dramas there,  But I’m OK,

Have really enjoyed a bit of downtime with my kids, I missed them.

And just to finish off this post with a bang, here is a pic of the happy couple.  Gorgeous inside and out.  I’m totally Teammushforever.

“Loving someone & having them love you back
is the most precious thing in the world.”



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