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H&M Sylvia park – Worth the hype?

October 4, 2016

When I heard H&M Sylvia Park would be opening here in Auckland, I was stoked, H&M are well known for the plus size line some of the stores carry and as a plus size women I felt like this would be a game changer.
The euphoria was soon crushed by the ass-hats at H&M when they very quietly revealed that H&M Sylvia Park would not be carrying the plus size line and therefore would not be catering to my fashion needs.

I got ragey..and turned to my Facebook page.  It’s not often I rant there but it seems that people really slightly agree with me..


H&M and ZARA has all the Sylvia Park Shopping Centre shops shaking in their boots. I was there on Sunday and noticed all the Womens shops looking extra swanky.

Personally I’m just pissed at h&m for not bringing over their plus size range, I take it really personal like hahahah Lisa we don’t want your Fat people money.

I would totally love to be all high and mighty and say I’M BOYCOTTING YOU FUCKERS H&M I HAAAAATE YOUUUUUUU

But lets be honest, Lisa loves a good shop and she will shop in there and tell all the shop assistants how wanky h&m are for hating on fat people.

Cal me dramatic but it’s my accurate interpretation of the situation.


Now I know some haters will say, shut up Lisa and lose some weight then you can shop there (I say fuck off bro),
I felt rejected and excluded, it’s kind of funny.   But in all seriousness waaaaa.

This morning I went to H&M,  I was surprised to discover that they stock a few XLs which are a 20-22, I mean I will take that. (Still not good enough though).
I really focused on the kids clothes, like all stores the girls selection was much bigger then the boys and the prices were on point.  They don’t go over a size 10 kids which pissed me off, the tween market in NZ is so under-represented.

(This dress was $7.99 and a size 9-10)

H&M dress


The Staff.
They all seemed lovely and there were a lot of them and they all seemed busy but helpful – which I like.

Overall Impression…
It was quite exciting and kind of felt like another world in there, it was bizarre.  I will shop there for Emily while she still fits the biggest girls size (9-10).  I’m torn on the boys stuff.  If they bought in tween and plus sized clothing it would be a game changer for me.  But as it is now, it’s just another option.


I also made a wee shop with us walk along video with Maria from Happy Mum Happy Child, I thought it put a different spin on things

Let me know in the comments if you will be embracing H&M or boycotting it?







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