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Howick Historical Village – Around Auckland

April 17, 2018

School Holidays can be rough, this is the first year in a long while that I have had 3 kids to entertain.
Jacob has always been able to attend daycare in the holidays but now he’s a ‘big school kid’ he’s with me.

I was browsing grabone and grabbed us some vouchers for The Howick Historical Village – link here –



Everything about the place was enjoyable and it is such an important part of NZ history. The people were super friendly; the food and drink in the cafe were delicious and the village itself was one of the most interesting and user-friendly places we have visited anywhere in the world (and we have been to a LOT of places). Take a leisurely stroll around this place and read the information that’s on show and you won’t be disappointed.

You can also some money and take a picnic.

Have you been to Howick Historical Village?



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