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I don’t need your approval – My advice and opinions

January 6, 2019

Sometimes it can seem like our happiness depends on other people in today’s society.

It’s exhausting trying to be everything to everyone. But more to the point, it’s unsustainable. Eventually the psyche just collapses in on itself, like a sinkhole of muck, social media breakdowns and trying to figure out who other people want you to be.

To be truly happy, you must honor the truth of you. But all too often, finding this truth is not easy.

I see through some people attempts to seem authentic and self confident because you can’t give away something you don’t own already. You have to love yourself first and then you can help people see the awesomeness in themselves.

What I think about self worth and self love.
I think that it is part of the human psyche on some level to occasionally be consumed by doubt, insecurity, or uncertainty.
Self-worth is knowing you are loved, valuable, and worthy simply because you are, and not because of what you think, say, do, or what others think of you. You shouldn’t have to perform or act for anyone to keep in the good graces – you for you is enough.
It can be challenging to accept all parts of ourselves, but that is truly where self-confidence begins. As we accept who we are, we find we don’t need others’ approval or input anymore, because we know the truth about ourselves.
Hold on to your truth and allow it to absorb into your pores. When you find your self going into judgment around it, label the judgment as defeating thoughts and push them away.

You Matter.
You are a unique being with a unique purpose and path in this world, any comparison or need for another’s approval is apples to oranges. And, if you are tempted to compare to motivate you to being a better self, just remember to take those comparisons with a grain of salt; you might be comparing your real body to a photo-shopped one, your ‘normal’ life to a Instagram depiction, or your role models might be reality TV stars who get paid lots of money to memorize and read scripts

It takes time.
Don’t expect yourself to change over night. Be kind and gentle with your self in this process. In no time at all, you will begin to experience a sense of well-being. It will eventually make you feel safe and secure, content with who you are rather than who you think others want you to be

Why I share myself

When I was a little girl I felt like an alien, as if my body was weird and ugly, so as I entered highschool I took those feelings of shame and discomfort with me. I internalised what I felt and it ate me up inside.

At times, I’ve wanted to hide.

At times, I’ve wished I was invisible.

I don’t share myself for validation I share because bodies like mine are deemed unacceptable and inappropriate, and sometimes it feels like society wants to rid them away.

If me talking about my struggles can help one other woman – if talking about my body can give one person confidence to don some swimmers and have fun with her kids – then I have achieved what I want to.

Confidence breeds confidence.



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