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I’m in awe of Oprah – What I learned from an evening with her.

December 18, 2015

Oprah has the gift of words, she can stand up in front of thousands of people on Wednesday night and speak directly to the hearts and souls of every one of us.
I want to share a few things that resonated with me.

1. You are your legacy
Every encounter that we have whether it be in person or something over a social media platform has the ability to change someones life.  You are your legacy, not your ‘success’, our successes are every person we have touched in some way and the positive impact that has had on them. This could be as simple as smiling and saying thank you to the delivery man who brings your parcel, making him feel appreciated.
Use your words and gestures to send out love and that will be what people will remember you for.

2. Your life is an offering to the world
We are all  spiritual beings having a human experience and no matter how you came into the world YOUR LIFE MATTERS.
How will we make a difference to this world? Your life’s purpose is doing something you are truly passionate about and no one should tell you what can or cannot be achieved. You are an asset to this world and even if you are the pebble in the water, you will create ripples.
Be of service.  When you come from a place of service then complete abundance comes your way.

3. Authentically empower others
Who you are is amazing and you should not try to become anyone else. Your personality is your biggest asset. It is the reflection of your soul. By being yourself, you allow yourself to be fully present in your life and for those around you. The more of yourself you reveal to the world, the more you empower it.
Move away from wanting to be like someone or have the life that someone else has. You are unique and deserve your version of a great life.

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4. Intention is everything
What we put out comes back to us. Our life is a mirror of your thoughts (conscious and subconscious), so be aware  of your intention towards people and situations. You co-create your life with the intention and energy that you bring to a space.
If you believe life is struggle, than this will show up in your life daily. If you believe that you are prosperous then this will show up in your daily life.
Be mindful of the energy you bring into your life and your space as this will affect the intention you have for your life.

5. Turmoil builds strength
There is no life, without a spiritual life, your unhappiness is a reflection of the disconnection to your true self.
When you are in moments of absolute struggle with no end in sight, this is actually a good thing, because it is your own divine guidance steering you in the direction that is more aligned to your path. You have to surrender to the attachment of the outcome and allow for the universe to do its thing.
The hard times is what builds our strength and resilience. The more strength we build the more power we tend to have over our lives.

6. Gratitude
Gratitude is the key to happiness and success. It is important to reflect on what you have in your life and appreciate that. The more gratitude you show in your life the more abundance can be on display for you.
Make time to show gratitude to others around you and see how it comes back to you.
Have a gratitude journal to write down what you are thankful for. Start being more thankful and see how the universe shows up for you.



I found the evening inspirational and motivating, she spoke for 2 1/2 hours without faltering.  So now I must take the time to put thought into my life and listen to the whispers before they become brick walls.



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  1. Nicola @ Eat Well NZ

    December 18, 2015 at 12:04 pm

    Thanks for sharing! I so wish I had got tickets to Oprah now. 🙁 I have always been a huge Oprah lover. I really agree with the point on gratitute. I think when I started working at a low decile medical centre, it really made me realise how lucky I was and I always practice gratitude and be grateful for what I have in my life. I like the tip on intention too.

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