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It’s not a secret, how I lost weight.

February 16, 2020

Losing weight isn’t easy, it’s about being stubborn and just going with the flow.

I had lost weight before, completely changed my lifestyle all at once and then gone of the “health” track and never found my way back.
I don’t believe there is a one way fits all way to lose weight, I think realistically we all know what we are doing wrong – it takes a lot of real talk and commitment to yourself to achieve and it’s not linear.

This is how I did it.

I looked at my habits and tackled the most serious ones,

Fizzy drink
I stopped drinking full sugar coke, I changed to no sugar coke and would still have other full sugar drinks such as fanta and lemonade, this part of my journey was about overcoming the coke addiction, it was hard and it took about 6 weeks to begin to feel normal.
I lost about 20 kilos very quickly.

As the weight loss slowed I quit ALL full sugar fizzy drinks and stuck to diet drinks.

I would only allow myself to have diet/no sugar/coffee after I had drunk 2 litres of water, I literally forced myself to drink it.

I’m a sugar addict from way back so I continued addressing the biggest issues and dropped all lollies only allowing myself to have high cocoa chocolate

I started watching what I was eatting. low carb healthy fat and low sugar seems to be the best for me, I’m not keto but Keto products were an easy option for me as they hit all those points.

Walk the walk. I started off at walking 200m then turning around and walking home – I now do 4-6kms at a time or 8-14 thousand steps a day.

Food journal.
I would forget what I had eaten, writing it down kept me accountable to myself, if I ‘cheated” I would still write it down and not sweat it, I cheat a lot even now but if you are drinking water and staying active your body sometimes surprises you.

It’s just a number.
My weight can fluctuate between 2-5kilos a day if I’m hormonal or not had a decent poo – who cares! Concerntrate on the progress you have made with your habits and how good you feel on the inside.

Make the decision every morning to continue to make good food choices, commit to your health and commit to your own personal goals.
Judge your own personal progress and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, says or does.

There is no easy way out, I lost 50 Kilos before my gastric bypass, to be honest I did think that post surgery it would be way easier, it’s not and everything above still applies to my journey today.

I hope this helps.

Stay cool

Lisa x



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