Keeping my goals in sight and being greatful.

November 11, 2019

When I embarked on my gastric bypass journey I kept my eye on the prize or the goal. Which is health.
Everyone has a slightly different interpretation of “health” for me it was, no diabetes, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and no aching back or joints.

The part of this which is the actual weight loss has been different to what I expected, the scales haven’t moved in over 2 weeks but I look different in the mirror.

When I was losing it felt slightly…intoxicating.

I always remind myself to keep my goals in mind and not to sweat the numbers – they don’t matter.
What matters is making sure I’m active, drinking lots of water and keeping my protein intake high, enjoying my family and working to constantly strive to be well.

One of the ways I stay focused is by using my Gratitude Journals – I hate the word gratitude but it works – I just jot down things in the evening before bed – sometimes they are the most mundane sometimes it get deeeep. (not moist though haha)

Walking also helps me, I try to utilize my frustrations by doing things that are good for me as opposed to hurting me – I call it a rage walk – it’s a fab way to speed up your pace too.
Exercise has been so good for my mental health, I crank my podcasts and just ENJOY it. (Who da fuck am I)

Anyway I’m off to the movies now.

Stay Cool

Lisa x