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Legs That Rule.

October 6, 2015

I have never been a lay out and tan kind of girl.  I’d rather be the self tan, lay in the shade and relax then sweat it out in the sun.    I have quite olive skin and tan easily naturally, except for my legs – no matter how I try they stay a bright shade of white.

I have decided this summer will be different, I refuse to be that fat  chick at the beach sweating it out in leggings and moo moos – I’d rather be the confident chick showing off her legs not giving a shit.  I need to learn how to self tan!

I have tried to use the gradual self tanners mixed with moisturizer and I just can’t keep up with being consistent enough to actually see a difference in skin tone.  I started my quest by asking around about instant self tan – preferably that last a few days.  After lots of googling I wandered into Farmers and purchased a can of Sugarbaby’s Sun Believable mouse – I have used it many time and it’s AMAZING.

If I can do it then so can you!sunbelievable mouse before and after photo self tan

Reasons why I love Sun Believable Golden Mousse.

  • It smells lovely which is fabulous – I can”t stand chemically smells
  • It’s easy to put on, really visible so I don’t miss anywhere. When you spread the mousse it leaves colour trails so you can see where the tan is. This is a little darker than the end result, but allows you to control how dark and even your tan is. It spreads evenly and smoothly
  • The colour looks so natural on me and it doesn’t go patchy when it starts to wear off.
    Shave your legs the day/night before using the tan as if you do it directly beforehand the tan irritates your freshly shaven skin and you end up covered in tiny red bumps.sugar baby self tan review

Oh and guess what – I wore a short skirt and people didn’t point and laugh!

I purchased Sugar Baby’s Sunbeliveable mouse from farmers for $25.



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