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Logan – Movie Review

February 26, 2017

LOGAN is brutal, merciless and powerful.
This is a character based movie done right, better then most of the X Men spinoff movies (although Dead pool still remains my fav).
If this really is Hugh Jackman’s final Wolverine/Xmen movie then he defiantly exited in a blaze of glory.


The story is set in the near future, mutants are thinning out. They’ve either died or been hunted down. Logan’s (Hugh Jackman) healing power is not as strong as it used to be. He’s old and weary and taking care of professor X (Patrick Stewart) in a hideout on the Mexican border, accompanied by Caliban (Stephen Merchant). But their attempt to hide from the world gets interrupted when dark forces arrive at their doorstep looking for a certain young little girl.

When Wolverine unleashed. The violence is as graphic and as in your face as you could imagine it to be. So just that aspect alone will excite the diehard fanbase  wanting to see the destruction that could take place when Wolverine is pissed off.

The writing impeccable, it really digs deep into the characters, how vulnerable they are, how they long for a world where they can just be. I truly felt for Xavier and Logan, not only because they’re now in their older years but there’s also that father-son type of relationship that’s tough love and endearing and then there’s also the reluctant father daughter connection Logan has with X-23m which to me at times felt a bit cheesy, but heart warming none the less.  By the way, the little girl, Dafne Keen, who plays Laura is remarkable. So much power and energy, so much roar.

This is a movie that gives you action to its fullest degree and an emotional journey that’s breathtaking. The perfect film about the man who’s the best at what he does but what he does isn’t very nice.

It would appear to be a fond farewell to Wolverine and a heya to the next generation of Mutants.

Logan opens in New Zealand theaters on March 2.



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