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Looking back at 2017.

December 31, 2017
What a year it was… I feel like I’m coming out of it stronger than I was in the beginning.
When I filmed this I was still coming to terms with my Fathers illness – crying most days about that – scared about the transitions my children were making. 2017 by no means was easy but I got through it, with the help of my friends and family and you guys – showing up constantly reading my most inner thoughts giving me advice and criticism (I’m lucky to say most of it was constructive).
I have no idea what 2018 will bring..
My pit of the year was most definitely when my Dad had to be moved from Dementia care to psycho-geriatic care, his care home told the hospital they could not care for him anymore – and nobody told me.
I was asked by the Hospital where I wanted him to go – I was completely blind sided and had the biggest breakdown of the year.

My peak of the year was my Family. My kids have blossomed into the next stages of child hood and it’s so strange. My eldest transitioned to Intermediate beautifully, my middle has been exerting a non-conformist, doesn’t wanna follow the crowd attitude that I think she inherited from me :P.. And my not so baby Jake made strides, from a shy mostly nonverbal boy to one who chatters away and has overcome his developmental delay and will start “big school” in the New Year.
And my husband who supports all my crazy ideas and has been my constant source of encouragement and reassurance – he rarely falters, and when he does doubt me I just use his doubt as fuel to succeed. (cos I’m still an independent women and I will do what I want lol)

Here’s the video I made at the beginning of the year…



  1. Corrine

    December 31, 2017 at 10:44 am

    Gosh… what a year. I’m sorry that it’s been so tough in parts Lisa, but well done on surviving it, and may 2018 be your best year yet!

    Happy New Year to you… I hope 2018 is your best year yet!

    1. lisasaurus

      December 31, 2017 at 12:24 pm

      oh corrine! I was on your instagram yesterday – lovely to hear from you. Your kids have grown 🙂

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