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Looking for a rental in Auckland – the truth.

March 2, 2018

The idea of having to leave this home has been absolutely horrendous, we don’t want to move – we have to move because the road is being extended and they will be taking our house apart and selling everything.
We have been living in our current rental for coming up to 9years.  Prior to that we rented for 2 years in that home and 2 years in the home before that.
We are great tenants, honest and upfront, pay in advance – pay on time  – we have never been late, are quiet and considerate.

This past week I have looked at 3 homes, so to everyone who bitched about tenants like the rental owners are all law-abiding and provide clean safe homes for people. you will be sorely disappointed

Home 1. 
3 bedroom house with 1 bathroom.

This 3 bedroom house with a brand new bathroom is on a large section, among quality houses.
Peaceful location, every room has great green view
Meters away from waterfront and the Walkway.
Only a few minutes walk to Shopping Centre
Convenient access to motorway and direct bus to city
No letting fee

References required.

I was totally sucked in to this one by the aspect of no letting fee and the fact that we knew the area well.
I phoned her and told her about myself and my family incl the fact that we had 2 cats.  She asked me to go around and have a look at the home.
It was a pretty basic home, BUT all the lounge room windows were louvres and do you know how easy it is to get  in to a house through louvres?  SO fucking easy and I’m a fat ass so if I can do it any 2 bit criminal will be in there in a flash.
The kitchen was also not even a kitchen it was a ply wood bench.
She also failed to tell me that the was a granny flat attached to the home and we had no access to the garage.
She wanted us to pay full market rent for a not great home and share our personal space with her father in law.

And minus more points for her not being honest about it when I called….I would not have even viewed the property had she told me that.

Home 2.
I can’t find the exact text from the listing but it was a 3 bedroom brick house.

I got there and the kitchen was lovely – the rooms were quite small but here’s the kicker.
The garage had been converted to a sleep-out that the owner was using for storage! I do not want to be resonsible for anyone else s belongings.
Another home that they wanted to charge out for $590 a week when we don’t even get a whole house.



Home 3.
3 bedroom house with 1 bathroom.
Recently renovated character home with a large garden and deck area.
Fully fenced section with garage and off street parking.


Again I was sucked in by no letting fee. The outside of the house was fine, had its own driveway and looking through the windows it looked fine.
But when I went inside coming up the stairs from the garage to the house there were gaps at the bottom of the wall and I could see outside.   There were cracks all through the concrete in the garage.
The recently renovated is in regards to the quick paint job over the mold oh and they expected us to store there Washing machine and Fridge because they didn’t have the space for it WHAT THE FCUK>
And it was on a main road, if the house was perfect I would have put up with all the noise and traffic pollution.

No thanks

We haven’t been given notice yet to leave our property but in order to find a reasonable property we need time.

Pretty sure we are screwed though and will end up going broke paying for a shitty house I hate.




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