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Lunchbox Snacks For Fussy Kids

February 19, 2018

KIDS EAT A LOT. And often too. Every day apparently?

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I know the lunchbox saga is epic. I’m part of a lunchbox group on Facebook, and for the most part it’s helpful… but I’ve seen some parents freak out that they’re not baking enough, being creative enough or being super mum enough.

I’m in my NINTH year of school lunchbox making, and I did a few years of kindy lunches before then… and while I might get creative on the rare occasion… all I really care about is that the food gets eaten and is good for them.

Today I wanted to share some supermarket snacks for the budget conscious, using a few  Countdown Price Lockdown products to fill up our lunch boxes.


I have always felt like there is a perceived shame in admitting to other parents that we shop at the supermarket for lunch box fillers, but there will be no more shame from me – this is my confession.

How my planning works: I do a lunch item (sausage rolls, leftovers, sandwich, bread roll, whatever the flavor of the day is), fruits and/or vegetables, and then I’ll put a snack-y item or two (which is often supermarket food). Now, my kids don’t have allergies or food concerns, but I still try to pick the most natural food possible, but sometimes I’ll just give them something they like to eat (because the fact that they’re filling their tummies is important to me).

Pita Bread Rolls

I occasionally use pita bread pockets instead of sandwich bread. I cut the pockets in half (or make an opening on one side) and fill with anything. Williams fav combo is ham, cheese and lettuce.
lunchbox snacks from the supermarket

The cost.

Pita Bread  $3.50 for 10 which is 35 cents per pita

Countdown Prepacked Ham $2.80 for 200g approx this 6 slices (I counted 30 sliced in that containers – all cut into circles)

Essentials Cheese Block Cheddar 500g $4.80. I used 1 thick slice.


I’m going to admit that I am generally pretty unmotivated when it comes to baking, Countdowns in-store bakery muffins save my time and are at a low cost of $3.50 for 6 (making it 58c per muffin).

Could I even bake for that low of a price?

I also allow the kids to have muesli bars and Flemings Chewy Muesli Bars are on Price Lockdown. A box of 6 for $2.50 which takes them to a low 41c per bar.

About the portions

I always make sure my kids have more than enough food in their lunchboxes, this means they have leftovers for after school or extras to share with friends who may still be hungry.

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  1. Emma clarke

    February 19, 2018 at 9:24 pm

    We have filler snacks too because we don’t have time or energy to bake. Our son is coeliac too. He get
    2-3 pieces of fruit,
    2 of either raisins, popcorn, cookies or dried fruit
    A rice wafer or crackers
    A yoghurt or tinned fruit salad in a reusable pouch

    It’s all easy stuff to just biff in the lunchbox, nutritious and gives him extras for after school care. We don’t do sandwiches because he never eats them.

  2. Annabel

    February 20, 2018 at 6:04 pm

    Banana choc chip muffins in freezer then just pop one in the lunch boxes and it’s defrosted by the time they go to eat it. I also freeze my prepped smoothies to save time. I buy snack fillers also , I don’t have time to make Pinterest worthy lunches everyday ?

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