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Miranda Hot Springs

January 8, 2016

Growing up in a small rural district we often went out to Miranda Hot Springs.

With all this oddball weather we have been having we decided to traipse out there yesterday and take the kids swimming.  I swear not a thing has changed there in 25 years, but it is clean and kept (just not updated).
It is located just off SH 2, 45 minutes from Auckland, this is the southern hemisphere’s largest natural hot mineral pool. The complex is completed with an adult sauna pool and private spa pools. There are pools to suit everyone at temperatures ranging from 33 to 41°C including private spas.

Miranda Hot Springs

I was really impressed with the young staff.  They put bright green bands on kids under 9years old which made it easy to distinguish the kids who should be swimming with an adult.  Emily was not even in the pool and a staff member said to her, “you should be with an adult’.  It may seem pedantic to some but water safety is no joke.
Jacob has just turned 3 and he has no fear of water anymore, more than once he tried to hop in the pool by himself, but of course we were right there to grab him.

Even with kids a trip to Miranda Hot Springs is the perfect way to relax and unwind, and is bound to be a hit with the kids, with plenty of room to play.



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