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Mothers Day – a Glimpse on my Sunday.

May 14, 2017

I tried to sit down all last week and write something for Mother’s Day but that never happned.

I like to write something down about Mothers Day, with each passing year that I am a Mum, my love for these kiddos of mine grows, and my respect for all mothers deepens.

No 2 kids are the same and what works for one child might not work for another, even within the same family unit.

I’m in awe as girlfriends mother one way, and don’t judge you for mothering another.  and as women everywhere, whether they have children of their own or not, step in to help give a hand and raise this next generation right along side you.  we are all in this together and I’m just incredibly thankful to be a part of it.

It takes a village or in this day and age of the internet, it even takes friends you’ve never met in person who live on the opposite side of the world, yet inspire and encourage you from afar each day.  I’m honored to celebrate this holiday, and women everywhere, as they do such good around the clock for the little ones in their lives.

I’m also humbled to have the chance to help nurture and teach my little ones every day.
I hope my children will be kind people, loving people, wanting to help and do good in this world.

I love being a mother.  There are constant learning curves and I am a better person when I’m with my children.  That’s the honest truth

Happy Mother’s day!

Here are a few photos from today… none with me in it hahahah LOL








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