birthday, William


July 25, 2014

He is Nine.

My eldest son William turns Nine, to celebrate we enjoyed a cake made from donuts.

This year has not been without its challenges for William, school has always been a bone of contention.  It was very difficult for me, seeing my boy suffer – knowing how he felt,   The past 6months he has flourished he has been encouraged forward by a wonderful new teacher, a new friend eggs him on and has Will displaying confidence he didn’t think he had. He still has at times crippling fear of failure, but he follows our advice… Just do your best.

He is a Cub, not always keen but we rally him and it strengthens his self belief. 

William and I have essentially grown up together, I was only 19 when he was born he has taught me many things,  unconditional love and dedication, the ins and outs of Thomas the Tank Engine and now the joys and frustration of putting together various Lego Creations to name a few.

He is infinitely perfect and I am forever grateful to have him as my First Born.

                                           How terrified do I look?? I still remember it..



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