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Osmo – Educational Games for Ipads

January 29, 2021

Jacob my 8 year old has generously been gifted a Osmo – he has the coding and the maths wizard extenstensions and is obsessed with levelling up his skills via this fancy fancy technology. I am always on the lookout for games that could be more interactive and within real life, rather than on the screen.

Here’s a quick run down on Osmo for newbies.
Osmo makes hands-on learning games in which players use objects in the real world to interact with the digital world shown on their iPad
Osmo learning games makes it fun for children to learn, using Toys as Teaching Tools. … Parents can track game progress, using child game profiles, on a parent app.

You can buy an Osmo from retailers such as Mightyape, PB tech, Toyco, Officemax and many many more (google).

Each kit comes with an Osmo base and red reflector that sits over your iPad or Kindle Fire’s camera. This points the view of the camera down to your child’s work surface so that Osmo “sees” their work. The kit also comes with all of the game pieces you’ll need to play the games, and of course, grants you access to the apps you’ll download to your device. The suite of games that comes with each kit is well-rounded, covering appropriate developmental skills for that age range and offering several levels of difficulty to grow with your child.

In conclusion, we really love our osmo, I like that it is portable – easy to pack up and take with us to the Grandparents or to a friends.
It is expandable. I am tired of buying one use, one age toys and Osmo can grow with my child, keeping him engaged with new expansion packs up until age 12.

The expansion packs we have is

Coding Awbie for ages 5-12
Math Wizard Game Bundle for ages 6-8