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Piha with Kids (Weekend Wanderings)

August 6, 2017

Yesterday was such a beautiful day we decided to pack up the kids and head off to Piha beach for a few hours.
It was a crisp beautiful day and although my kids are now part sloths we had a fab time.

I still remember the first time I ever went to Piha beach, I was quite old considering I grew up in Auckland – I was 12.   I remember vividly driving there all the way from Pukekohe, sitting in the back of a shitty van that had no proper seats or seat belts – clearly my Mother didn’t know about the mode of transport.
Even back then in the days before Piha Rescue aired on TV I was aware of how dangerous this West Coast beach is and how it needs to be respected.

Overshare – the guy I actually went with to Piha when I was 12 is now in jail for MANSLAUGHTER, I was thinking about him yesterday and wondering what happened to him for his life to take such an unfortunate path, makes me sad.
I know lots of sad stories about people who I once cared about, I’ve lived an interesting life to say the least- just saying.

Back to my musings
I would be happy if my kids never swam here, and under my watch they probably never will (The stream is kid friendly – the surf NO WAY)
Yesterday when my husband took my sons for a hike up Lion Rock I was scared, I always get nervous for them when the do anything slightly adventurous – it’s the Mum in me.  Thankfully they had a great time and they all got back down to me safe and sound.
I often wonder if other Mothers fret when their kids do dangerous things – I want them to have fun but just be safe about it.

Let me know in the comments if you have ever been to Piha? What did you think?  Or if you haven’t been would you go?





















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