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Plus size engineering

July 30, 2018

My friend Sarah from Sama + Kiki gave me this tshirt a month or so ago.

I tried it on and didn’t really like it, but somehow I lost some weight, probs due to living a much less stressful life now our house move is over… anyway, I tried it on last night and I thought it looked really cool so sent her some awesome selfies and popped up a few on Instagram and went about my day.

I was out to dinner and saw this comment pop up on my phone, I don’t really get comments like this – I do get a lot of dms from annoying men but rarely comments like this…

surely they could have made it bigger around the stomach and engineered it for plus size”

I am no fool, i know a insult masked as feedback when I see it.. so I told them to eff off, note it was a private profile with no posts and no profile photo… I call troll.. (they find me via hashtags)

Honestly I don’t care… nothing s go

Just annoys me cos I’m over here doing me minding my own business feeling pretty funny in my cool shirt and some dick tries to rain on my parade..

2018 is the year I learned to accept my round belly and haven’t hid behind long line singlets,
I just like myself, people who take issue with that I think put there own body image issues on me….not fair.



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