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Pumpkin Patch is coming back! Makes me a little emo.

March 23, 2017

Pumpkin Patch went into receivership in October last year and more than 500 workers at 36 shops lost their jobs.

This week the news has been announced that Pumpkin Patch is relaunching, first as a online shop and then bringing in 15 stores over NZ and AUS.   I am so happy.

There are few stores that cater to the preteen market and Pumpkin Patch was always my go to, it’s weird how attached I got to a store.  I mean Emily wore Pumpkin Patch to my wedding, she was so adorable.

I even remember when my almost 12year old was a baby and Pumpkin Parch was so in demand, Mums all over NZ would pay crazy prices to have every item from certain stories.

No lies, they were like a Pumpkin Patch cult.

pumpkin patch is coming back

Here is part of the official statement

“Despite Pumpkin Patch owing $56.6 million to ANZ Bank New Zealand as of the date of receivership – Mr Harpaz insists the brand has not been tarnished.

“There is a strong history of passion for the Pumpkin Patch brand locally and internationally,” he said.

“As parents of kids who wear and love Pumpkin Patch we couldn’t just sit back and let the brand disappear.

“We have engaged top designers and product experts to help us build a beautiful range of Pumpkin Patch apparel which will remain true to its heritage but at the same time bring a stronger sense of fashion and product innovation to the brand.”

SO what do you think?  Yay or nay to a Pumpkin Patch revolution?










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