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Rambling about not fitting in.

April 6, 2018

I always feel the pressure to ‘fit in’ literally and not so literal.

I’m just a mostly normal person.

I’ve been feeling slightly awkward and uncomfortable about the blogging world recently and in all my weirdness I must confess that I haven’t been as consistent as I once was, I’m put off by the imaginary hustle.

Lets break it down.
Blogging to me is about everyday people talking about everyday things, being fun and kind and down to earth.  It’s all shifted.
Recently I have made some observations,  not just as a blogger but as a consumer – things seem to have moved to some kind of weirdness similar to a celeb culture.  If you look a certain way you tick all the boxes for a brand regardless of the quality of your audience, your content, your engagement,  You just gotta look ‘right”.
It’s just not what it used to be and why blogging was appealing to me in the beginning.

It’s all unrealistic and unattainable to the normal women. Totally turns me off.

I like variety, I like doing things differently – I’m quirky and I’m different and I’m OK with not having the street cred and being seen as “successful’.

I just wanna be me and connect with other women like me.

So I’m just gonna keep doing me.  I pick standing out over fitting in every day of the week.



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