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Red Sparrow Movie Review

March 4, 2018


The other night I was invited to a preview of Red Sparrow starring Jennifer Lawrence. I wanted to put together  really quick no spoiler piece about the Movie.

Going into the movie I had heard that J Law is naked a lot – that’s true, this is one of the few movies I have seen recently where I could not predict what was going to happen, it had me on the edge of my seat.
Her Russian accent is amazing, her outfits and hair are so gorgeous.¬†¬† There are a few parts that are not very convincing such as when she miraculously dyes her hair with one box of blonde hair dye and somehow her hair doesn’t go orange and the person dyeing it does not even roll her sleeves up.

Trigger warning – the movie is really rapey, there are several graphic scenes around that.
Also towards the end of the movie there is an overly violent graphic knife scene that I felt was unnecessary and it made my tummy feel queasy.

Overall though, it was a really great movie and I highly recommend you go see it.

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