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Secret Netflix Codes for New Zealand!

January 15, 2016

Since we scraped our traditional TV subscription I have become obsessed with Netflix (and Neon TV)  and I really wanted to write a quick post sharing these codes.

Netflix and Chill!

More than 20,000 codes used by Netflix to categorise TV shows and movies have been revealed by a Netflix blog site.

Using the codes allows you to make very specific searches under key subject lines – like ‘Werewolf Horror Movies’ (75930) or ‘Stand-up Comedy starring Cedric the Entertainer’ (155).

It works like this: Log into Netflix, then insert your chosen code at the end of this URL: “******”

While Netflix lets you search for films and TV shows using key words, and groups its content into various categories and subcategories, the codes show just how specific the streaming site is when it comes to grouping its content.
Even New Zealand movies gets its own code – 63782. That includes nine films, including Once Were Warriors, Eagle vs Shark and Boy.

Once Were Warriors – hauntingly heartbreaking
Black Sheep – hillarious
Beyond The Edge – The story of Sir Edmund Hillary, I met him a bunch of times because he went to the same small primary school I did.  He was really humble about connecting with people and giving his time.
Boy – Funny, I admire Boys sense of imagination,

I have not watched the remaining few yet.
– The Worlds Fastest Indian
– Eagle vs Shark
– The Orator
– Lovebirds
– Housebound

Go here for the complete list of codes – it’s huge.



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