Skipping school

June 28, 2017

Wagging, bunking – a mental health day, pulling a sicky,  call it whatever you want.

Brace yourself guys, MUM CONFESSION – I let my kids have a day off school when they are not sick.
Yep, I’m a parent who let my kids skip school “just because.” It only happens once or twice a year, tops.

To the kids,  it still always feels like illicit behavior, which, now that I think about it, probably made it all the more enjoyable. I don’t worry about whether it is a sign of good parenting or bad parenting or what the long-term implications might be. I simply love that I can see when they need a break — even when they cannot see it for themselves.

I’ve watched friends discuss whether it’s OK to let a kid miss a few days of school for a family vacation or other special event, but that’s a wholly different issue than letting your kid take a day off because you think he needs it. Or even just because he wants it (so long as it’s not to avoid a test or some other responsibility he’s better off facing head-on, of course). I can see both sides, and while I couldn’t agree more that part of our role as parents is to teach our children to respect responsibilities  and be accountable and show up when and where they’re expected.

I always come down on the side of believing that our kids have much more to learn than what they’re taught in school or by school.

When I communicate with the school that my child will not be attending that day and explain why I have never had much opposition because my kids attendances are pretty darn low.

The grow up so quick,  gotta keep my kids talking and as close as possible for as long as I can.



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