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Sometimes I say nothing at all.

September 17, 2017

I had one of those moments today, over 3/4 through a  kids movie – a man whispered in my ear ‘can you stop your kids from walking up and down the aisles’  I say nothing but motion Jacob to come back to sit on my knee.
SIDENOTE – If i can feel your breath on my ear you are way too close.
“It’s really annoying’ the man said again…. I still say nothing – like I get it.
I say nothing because what I want to say is “get a life you tool! You’re at a kids movie, he is not bothering anyone and he has autism – this is how he processes the sounds and visuals from the movie”
It’s not my job to educate people and as much as I sat there biting my tongue, willing the pit in my stomach to leave – I have to pick my battles.

(I still call it a victory to me cos heaps of other kids started walking up and down the aisles clearly annoying this man to no end).

As we were leaving we went to pay for parking, and a man was obviously stressed and in a rush so I let him go ahead of us in line.
He looked at me and said “Thanks, I hope I didn’t upset you in the movie’ and I realized this man was the man who complained about my Jakey.
I just replied “I couldn’t say what I wanted to say to you, you are completely unaware of my sons struggle, and that’s fine”.

The main reason I kept my mouth shut.
I am extremely protective and defensive of all my children, when anyone criticizes them ESPECIALLY someone who doesn’t know me or them I hit back.   HARD.  I didn’t wanna ruin my day or my kids so I sucked it up and kept my mouth shut.

I can’t make people understand this autism journey, I can’t make them understand the struggle – but what I do hope is next time a kid in a kids movie irritates him, he just shuts his mouth and handles it.

What would you have done?

PS Who goes to a Lego movie alone with no kids?   he does 😛