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St Ives Even & Bright Scrub Review&Giveaway

December 9, 2015

St Ives Even & Bright Scrub Product Description:

St. Ives Even & Bright Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub exfoliates to help even skin tone and polish away little imperfections, including dry patches and dark surface cells. Skin is left brighter and visibly even toned.
Why I wanted to try it.
I have a few old acne scars and according to the internet the best thing to help fade acne scarring/hyper pigmentation (that is affordable) is exfoliation, hence my enthusiasm to try St Ives Even & Bright Scrub.

My skin gets rather dry around my nose, and patchy on my cheeks at times.   I love St Ives scrubs (i have been using the Apricot one on and off since I was 13).

First Impression
My first impression was that the texture didn’t feel like a exfoliator- It’s not scratchy at all, it has like a cross between being creamy but staying a scrub, a really thick moisturizer consistency.  I even double checked the bottle to make sure I hadn’t got my wires crossed – I hadn’t.


Other thoughts
I have been using St Ives Even & Bright every 2-3 days, my skin feels so smooth with less dry patches, I feel like my foundation is going on much more smoothly.
I only apply a pea sized amount and scrub for about a minute, then I rinse it off with cold water.  I make sure that I moisturize afterwards.
Definitely worth a try!

St Ives Even & Bright 1

Product  Benefits

– 100% natural exfoliants
– Sulfate-free
– Oil-free
– Hypoallergenic
– Dermatologist tested

– Non-comedogenic

Pros of the St Ives Even & Bright
-Very fine granules
-Lovely scent
-Face looks brighter
-Rinses completely clean with water
-Squeeze tube packaging
-AffordableGiveawayI have 4 tubes of St Ives Even & Bright Face Scrub to giveaway.
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