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Summer Holiday Fun at SeaLife Kelly Tarltons

January 10, 2019

This morning I woke up feeling slightly unwell and somehow I managed to pull myself together to pop along to check out our favourite SeaLife experience.

I was slightly hesitant on how it would go, me alone with 3 kids and a teenager – we arrived and I was under prepared (snack wise) and my expectations were low of my kids behavior.

The Penguins were getting fresh ice down..

The Penguins are always the star of the show, they swim and waddle around and are surprisingly interested in us humans – teasing them is strictly forbidden, Jacob loves to read all the signs to everyone and make sure we all follow the rules.

Then enters Mermaid and Pirate, she was beautiful as he was charismatic, my 2 10year olds and my 6 year old sat for 30 mins and watched the show.

The Pirate and Mermaid live show which runs throughout the day until Tuesday 22 January – if you want to catch it, the price is included in the entry fee.

If you want to buy tickets online is best value and you skip the queues, I have linked it for your convenience here.
If you want to check out what our time was like at Krlly Tarltons I have it on my Instagram highlight reel. (

I hope you are all doing well, will be back soon.

Stay Cool

Stay Cool x