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The Bachelor NZ Episode 2 – The Schoolyard Edition

March 20, 2017

I was wondering if you would like to accept this rose…..hey sorry am I able to steal you? hahaha awkward, cue fake smiles all around.


When the girls kept interrupting he looked so terrified, I actually felt so bad for him.  This is what he looked like he was feeling on the inside.   Roll on elimination time. when he can get rid of all the stage 10 clinger.

I have a solution for you Zac
We need to get you a copper coated bell so each girl gets a set time with you and when the bell rings that means buzz off – next girl.

My thoughts
Why do they care so much?
They know nothing of him, I just don’t see why they get themselves so wound up about him.   Sitting there all sour faced and teary – just pour yourself another wine hun and have a great time.  If I were The Bachelor I’d go for the incognito girls, who just want to enjoy the experience, choosing a stage 10 clinger will not lead to love.

Enter Mariana..


Roses in order…
Jessica – called it (shes The Edges wild card)
Rosie – yessssss ahh She will bring the drama
Didn’t hear what he name
Mariana – YAS QUEEN

I did a quick google of her and she is soo amazing, way to good for this show 🙂
Taylar – YAAAAAAAAAS  Drama locked in.

The Bachelor NZ Episode 2 - The Schoolyard Edition mariana

3 Girls eliminated and I laughed my ass off because Charlotte thought she had him hook line and sinker, no one likes an arrogant bachelorette – just saying.  It’s not over till you make it to the end of the season.


I can’t wait to see what goes down as the Season progresses.

Let me know what you thought of tonight’s escapades in the comments
Did it remind you of high school?

(see my thoughts on Episode 1 here)








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