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The Block NZ Season 3 -The Auction

November 16, 2014


What I really think about The Block NZ, Season  3 Auction. the block nz season 3


My opinions are my own.

Except when I link to another persons blog post, cos I agree with what she has written.

Alex and Corban took it out, not hard for professionals to win – as I said before it’s what they do for a living.   Clearly I am not surprised. I am not saying it wasn’t deserved they worked blimmen hard, they knew what they were doing. 
What did surprise me was Marie and James home, they really cleaned up – I think it even surprised them.   I was not slightly surprised by Quinn and Bens win of 10Grand.. It’s better then what some of the previous years perceived ‘losers’ have won, I know its a competition but yeah.. unfair.
Jo and Damo , I was guttered for them, you could see it on there faces. That’s why I like them, so gracious but real.  I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when they had a chance to be alone and say what they really think.  I would have been ecstatic if they managed to beat Alex and Corban but it was not to be.


So lets get down what i have been dying to write about, the generous gift of 30grand from professional winners to poor knocked up Quinn and Ben,  call me cynical but it would have come across much better to have been done in private, it looked  staged and over the top. Sorry not sorry you guys, here’s 30grand, feel better.  It may make Alex and Corban look like heroes but imagine what Ben and Quinn must have felt – like shit.  I could see it in Ben’s face, pure embarrassment.

I feel like Alex and Corban knew if they didn’t give something,  the media would have raked them over hot coals – they are smart.

Regardless I still think it was kind but should have been done in private.


What I loved about this season is all the couples were likeable, (vix wrote about the people of the block here) I loved her take on the relationships instead of the show..

I gave Alex and Corban a hard time, but they were fun to watch, Alexs singing and dancing  – Corbans OCD – I relate to James being so shy, cos my hubs a quiet guy.  Marie was so kind, yet honest about her feelings, she really gave credit to there whole team.
Jo and Damo were so cute, loved it when they had the little tiffs, it real life folks.   And Ben and Quinn, weirdos and proud of it, clearly the underdogs from the beginning till then end, I wish them all the luck with there wee babe back home in Christchurh.


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  1. Wellington Chic

    November 19, 2014 at 11:18 am

    What I loved is that all of the different couples grew on me throughout the season. By the end I was even routing for Quinn & Ben if different challenges 🙂

    Even though the crazyness of the workload increased and the stress intensified as the season went on, it’s like they relaxed a little into all being very real which I liked.

    Love all the screen captures of their reaction faces above too, especially:

    Alex & Corban
    = Inhale …. Exhale (or maybe Corban’s had some more turps and needs to make a dash)

    Quinn & Ben
    = Quinn’s sideways eyed surprise face! Gold. Ben looking decidedly worried, maybe thinking Quinn’s going into labour.

    Loved reading your thoughts on The Block this season Lisa. What’s next?

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