on my heart

The next chapter.

June 4, 2018

*My poor neglected blog, I’m back.  Time to find my bearings again.

Sometimes I don’t see it when I’m in it.

The whole having to move thing has plagued me for years and it really did change the way I felt about that home, knowing that we had to leave meant my motivation to give a shit about cleaning, gardening etc was mostly non-existent.
Now that we are in our new home and almost free of the old one I see how low I really was.

Don’t get me wrong I was sad to leave in a lot of ways, living somewhere else is brand new and kind of scary, but I feel liberated.

The kids are so excited for this next chapter and so are we.
We are ready to see what these new walls will hold for us.


Now it is just up to us to find our new routines and adjust to monotonous things like longer commutes to school and work.   Whole we continue to unpack, sort and de-clutter.



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