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The reality of 3 kids.

October 20, 2015

I think this calls for a disclaimer: I know that each of my  3 kids are wonderful. Individually and as a team – I am very thankful and proud that I have each one of them . They are all precious to me. Even when they are having a bad day.
I don’t need a reminder of how precious they are. Because I really do know.  I love my 3 kids.

But this is what it is like to live with 3 kids – all at the same time.

They said.  Once you have two kids you won’t notice a third.. WRONG.
It’s a whole different universe, it’s like trying to run a marathon and tripping on your shoe laces – except the shoe laces are kids.  and Lego, always with that damned Lego.

  • The world only likes families of four.  A few examples for you, hotel rooms.  If you have a family of four, easy peezy. One room, two beds, done. When you have three kids, you either have to request a sofa bed or get a whole different room! Another example – restaurants, you will watch families of four sit and eat before you because you and your three kids have to wait for the larger table.
  • You can buy a family four pack of tickets to the Zoo or the circus, but not for 5.


  • Life will never be fair for them.  One of them will have to sit in  the back seat of the MPV.  One of them will always have to be the one who is NOT beside you. Two of them will agree on something and the other will refuse.
    It’s not fair NEVER FAIR.
  • They are always hungry. This is no joke. They want to eat at morning, noon and night. When they know you have been food shopping to restock, watch out.  There are three of them and one of me, and if I fail to feed them, I fear they will eat me next
  • The noise.  They yell at each other all the time.

In saying all that you can be assured that we have fun and laugh a lot.
Stay tuned for the inevitable post about Why having 3 kids rules.





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